Passport Service


Passport is an essential document required when you intend on to travel abroad. In fact, every time you cross your country’s boundaries, you need passport services. A passport certifies the holder in enquiry as a national or a citizen of a specific country. It is documented evidence that confirms your nationality. With the passport, you can intercommunicate with other governmental agencies to give you permission for traveling inside the nation. To issue the passport, availing Passport application services with Krishna Overseas is the best way.

We at Krishna Overseas help you to also use your valid passport to ask those governments to permit you temporary residence privileged into their borders, if you have. We help you granted with the most suitable lawful protection or help to avoid any legal bouts. However, passport application form guidance is crucial for the best assistance while staying abroad and also, during re-admittance your home country.

Having 11+ years of company’s experience in dealing with the overseas clients, our consultants assist you to issue your passport and travel abroad with an ease. As valid passport is cogent attest of citizenship, our passport service agents sanctions the wholeness of the passport. An extensive array of resources, services, and support exists with Krishna Overseas. The best thing about us is that we are always ready to help you in the best possible manner if you stuck in some trouble or disputes.

Krishna Overseas renders passport service including, but not limited to new passport issue, passport renewal, passport for minor, damaged passport, lost password and ECR to ECNR passport too.  Well, passports in India are issued by the Ministry of External Affairs by a mesh of approximately 37 Passport offices around the country and nearly 180 embassies and consulates located overseas. To decrease the complexity of passport issue process, MEA has announced some new passport rules in India.

What Are New Passport Rules which are in effect?

Below are the newest passport rules proposed, implemented and in effect since a few days back:

  • Birth certificate of an application is not necessary: Before a few years, it was an obligation to submit the birth certificate of an applicant in the Passport office or Embassy at the time of document verification. Now, Pan card, Aadhar card, voter ID, driving license and other documents can be submitted to prove your citizenship.
  • Post Police verification is required for an ordinary passport: Previously, post police verification is required for only the files that come under the category of urgent schemes. But, nowadays, this verification is needed for ordinary passport too.
  • Annexures are reduced greatly: As per the new rule, only 9 annexures (A, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and Authority letter) will be shown in the list which is to be submitted to the passport office according to the category of the passport. Previously, there were something 15 annexure to decrease the inconvenience of gathering the documents.
  • Attestation is no more needed for Annexures: Before, Annexures are acceptable only when the higher authorities such as Notary and Magistrate complete the process of attestation. But, today the Annexures are acceptable inside the Passport office with self-declaration of an applicant. This change has reduced the burden on the applicant to roam around the places for getting an attestation from the higher officials.
  • Passports can be made on urgent basis for Government employees: If any Government worker couldn’t get the No Objection Certificate  from the concerned organization, then, he/she has to submit a self-declaration form to get a urgent passport. The self declaration should have clear mentioning about the announcement of the passport applied by the specific employee.

How to Get Your Passport?

The best way to get your passport is to submit the application online. Although, submitting online application is a hassle and we will guide you in the whole process. Under the Passports Act 1967, the Government of India might issue several types of passports and travel documents. These document include Diplomatic Passport, Ordinary Passport, Official Passport, Certificate of Identity, Emergency Certificate for the purpose.

The authorized online passport application should be filled in a due manner with the fees and other documents. Simply submission of passport application into the Embassy or Passport office, nevertheless, does not constitute a claim for the passport issue. It remains a request/demand for a passport, which may be disapproved due to lack in the supporting papers, not following the formal routine processes or any other reason as well. Hence, don’t forget to know what documents are essential while applying for an online passport.